Special Interest Groups

The following Special Interest Groups (SIGs)in the AAAC are currently registered.
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Special Interes Groups

  • Speech SIG
    Start page of the SIG Speech
  • Patent SIG
    Special Interest Group on Patents in the area of Emotion-Related Technology
  • Personality SIG
    Special Interest Group on Personality and Computing
  • Entertainment SIG
    Special Interest Group on Entertainment
  • SIG Ethics
    The ambition of the SIG Ethics is to collect the main ethics, goals and societal impact questions of our community.

About Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within the AAAC can be proposed by any Association member by email to the Association's Management Board.

SIGs will be offered

  • a public space for announcements and for providing content to the public
  • a private working space, accessible only to SIG members
  • a mailing list for discussions related to the SIG.