Svati Dhamija

Research Assistant

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Resarch Interests: Mental health; User Engagement; Moods; Arousal; Efficacy; Behavioral therapies; Physiology; Machine learning; Human Computer Interaction; Facial Expressions; Adaptive Modeling; Personalization

I am a PhD student in Computer Science advised by Prof.Terrance E. Boult. I work as a Research Assistant at the Vision And Security Technology (VAST) lab in University of Colorado Colorado Springs. My research lies at the intersection of affective computing, computer vision and machine learning. Currently, I am involved in developing interactive cognitive systems that empower individuals suffering from post traumatic stress by combining sensing and context based video analysis of human behavior. As a part of this work, I am primarily focused on problems such as heart rate prediction from facial videos, engagement prediction for web-intervention and machine learning based self-efficacy methods. I have research interests in various related areas such as facial expression analysis, facial landmark tracking, biosensor data analysis, deep learning methods for time series data, sequential data and others.