Resarch Interests: multimodal interaction social psychology virtual coaching autism virtual patient

I am Professor of Computer Science (1st class: PR1) at Université Paris Sud, France. I conduct my research at LIMSI-CNRS where I head a team of researchers in Psychology and researchers in Computer Sciences. My research domain is Affective Multimodal Interaction in Humans and in Machines. I work in several application areas related to social skills training: autism ; job and medical interviews ; virtual coaches ; leadership and teamwork ; stress management ; sports and e-Health. The research questions that I consider about how we interact with a human or virtual partner are: How does context impact the way we interpret non-verbal expressions of affects displayed by our interactive partners? How does social training combine with the training of other skills (eg. motor skills, technical skills)? How do individual differences impact affective nonverbal interaction? How can the use of information technology can be useful for training of socio-affective competences and improve well being of individuals (students, workers, job applicants, people with social disorders, autistic people, …) ? What is the impact of various modalities (facial expressions, gestures, gaze…), embodiements and relations to bodies (self perception and movement, virtual bodies, haptics, social robots) on this training? I am supporting pluridisciplinary cooperations: HCI (virtual agents, social robots, wearables, affect aware systems and devices), Psychology, Psychopathology, Neurosciences, Sport and movement sciences, Human resources. I am Editor-in-Chief of the Springer Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces. I have supervised and co-supervised 14 defended PhD theses (+ 2 which are on-going). I am Membre du Comité de Suivi de la Fondation Individualisée John Bost pour la Recherche